Empowering, Educating and Advising Women on their younique Financial Needs, and Goals

Women, Wealth & Wine Seminars

We would be love to bring a financial literacy event to your home or business. We bring the wealth education and the wine, and you bring the women. Our topics include:

The Significance of Be. Know.Do in our Everyday Lives

Do you really know where to start? Do you really understand how to channel your money to achieve your goals? Be.Know.Do is financial concept we use to jumpstart your journey. Before you begin the journey to wealth you need to evaluate where you are today, where you want to go, and what are the options you have for your journey.

Financially Secure, Free, or Independent – What’s your goal?

Do you understand the difference between financial secure, financially free and financially independent? If not, let us explain the difference and help you establish some goals to head you on your way. By the time finish you will know where you are now and you will understand why the journey to financial independence is the most important journey you will take.

5 Steps to Financial Independence

There are only five critical steps that lead you to financial independence. Two of the steps provide insight to decisions about money and the other three are critical tools to track your success. We show you how you can use the tools and do it yourself, or let us coach and guide you.

Understanding the Power of Comprehensive Financial Planning

We help you gain a better understanding of the power of Comprehensive Financial Planning and how the tools will help you analyze your current situation and create a roadmap to meeting future goals for yourself and your family.

Younique Topic

This is where you decide on the financial information that is most relevant to you and your friends. We will develop a seminar to fit the needs of your group.


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